A passion to help school children excel with their literacy

Hello I’m Carl,

I’ve been working in schools and as a head teacher for over two decades helping to develop children’s literacy skills through a combination of engagement and fun learning.

Having worked with numerous schools, it became clear that they struggled to implement a daily reading lesson for younger children. Due to various barriers, they simply could not do it through a group approach.

I worked with schools to build a whole class reading lesson approach for children in Reception and KS1.

Why use The Literacy Advisor?

It may be astonishing to read but in a recent study nearly one in five children are unable to read very well by the age of 11. I believe that this is devastating and something that we, as educators, need to work together to address.

My passion for learning has spurred me on to develop a range of educational tools by working closely with schools and boards to improve the quality of teaching and learning in our classrooms. Over the last few years these tools have been implemented in numerous educational settings to great success.

Educational Literacy Tools Developed by The Literacy Advisor

I have designed a range of services, documents and videos to help teachers and educators to develop their skills into becoming much more effective.

The Galaxy Reading Approach

A range of tools for class wide reading to empower educators and engage students to become better at literacy.

Remote Training

A selection of niche training videos aimed at specific areas, to help improve teaching and also student participation.

In-School Training & Support

In-school or online audits of how literacy programs are being delivered. Providing a plan of action and training to address any areas for improvement.

What do people think about The Literacy Advisor?

I thought this session was well thought out, building in complexity well and made excellent wider links for me to follow afterwards. I have just purchased two books off the back of this! Thanks so much.

Chantelle N, Teacher
The Sutton Academy

Carl came into school and provided excellent training and coaching for all my staff. His training gave staff the confidence to teach high quality engaging phonic lessons which has resulted in soaring phonics attainment. My phonics lead commented ‘Carl has transformed our phonics teaching and he has really helped me to lead phonics and support staff more effectively.

Andy Stirland, Principal
Python Hill Academy

Secondary reading: how to support pupils unable to read.

A very clear explanation on how children learn to read, the frustrations some may experience and how the ‘gap’ gets ever wider as they progress through school life if they do not get early help and support.

Jo B, School Staff (Non-teaching)
The James Hornsby School