In-School Training & Support

Helping not leaving children behind

Children who enjoy reading independently will have had the door opened to new discoveries and wide interests, to knowledge, creativity, and confidence. However, not all children have the desire or the skills to read well.

Each year we leave thousands of young children behind in their reading and writing and I want to help schools do something about it.

Understanding the literacy challenge is half the battle

I specialise in working with schools to meet the ‘reading challenge.’ I am able to visit schools or work virtually to help schools unlock their pupil’s potential.

Through a rigorous reading audit, I can help schools to form a coherent plan of action so that they make changes to the areas that will have the biggest impact.

How can I help your school?

Are you a school looking to implement a new systematic synthetic phonics programme? If so, I can help break this challenge down and ensure that a school has the very best fit with their chosen programme.
  • Are you looking to improve outcomes in reading or writing?
  • Are you looking to make a difference to children’s reading and/or writing? Do your children choose not to read even though they can?
  • Would you benefit from early literacy expertise to help you meet the ‘reading challenge?’
  • Do too many of your children not pass the phonics screening check and go on to become poor readers?
  • Would you like to enhance staff expertise in teaching children to read and/or write?
  • Have you tried numerous schemes, resources and approaches but still see the same challenges in reading and writing?
  • Are you preparing for an Ofsted Inspection? 
  • Are you a secondary school looking to enhance your literacy offer in Key Stage 3?

If you answered yes to any of these, then I can certainly help you meet the challenge.

Support for schools

I thrive on working alongside colleagues, either virtually or face-to-face. My ‘done with’ approach ensures that schools know what to develop and more importantly how to do it.

As a former head teacher, I am able to support leadership teams to make a whole-school impact. Beyond this, I am able to work alongside colleagues in the classroom to help coach and develop literacy practice.

In-school training

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

I am able to provide training on a variety of topics linked to early literacy and reading for pleasure. Due to the combination of my experience and subject knowledge, I can provide bespoke training to meet the needs of a variety of schools and Trusts.

I am also a trainer for No Nonsense Phonics and Phonics International.

My vast experience of Key Stage 2, as a teacher, deputy and head teacher, also enables me to provide bespoke early reading & writing training and support for junior schools.

What do people think about The Literacy Advisor?

I thought this session was well thought out, building in complexity well and made excellent wider links for me to follow afterwards. I have just purchased two books off the back of this! Thanks so much.

Chantelle N, Teacher
The Sutton Academy

Carl came into school and provided excellent training and coaching for all my staff. His training gave staff the confidence to teach high quality engaging phonic lessons which has resulted in soaring phonics attainment. My phonics lead commented ‘Carl has transformed our phonics teaching and he has really helped me to lead phonics and support staff more effectively.

Andy Stirland, Principal
Python Hill Academy

Secondary reading: how to support pupils unable to read.

A very clear explanation on how children learn to read, the frustrations some may experience and how the ‘gap’ gets ever wider as they progress through school life if they do not get early help and support.

Jo B, School Staff (Non-teaching)
The James Hornsby School