What do people think about The Literacy Advisor?

If you need an objective and knowledgeable review of your phonics and guided reading, then Carl is your man. He really knows his stuff and he gives advice worth listening to!

In a single day, we have identified easy, practical actions which will make a significant and immediate difference to our reading outcomes.

I was impressed by Carl’s very flexible approach. He truly just wanted to help us improve our teaching.

Hannah Moss, West Bridgford Junior School

Carl came into school and provided excellent training and coaching for all my staff. His training gave staff the confidence to teach high quality engaging phonic lessons which has resulted in soaring phonics attainment. My phonics lead commented ‘Carl has transformed our phonics teaching and he has really helped me to lead phonics and support staff more effectively.

Andy Stirland, Principal
Python Hill Academy

Hope is always in sight for poor readers.

A very interesting webinar, highlighting the difficulties in learning progression that poor reading skills entail when carried along one’s education. Improvement is possible at any stage as long as the problem is identified, the appropriate strategies are chosen and enough time is devoted to each intervention. Evidently, a certain level of expertise or at least research is required beforehand but students need to know that what they will gain will enrich their life and that it is a certainty.

Pascale L, Teaching Assistant
The Halley Academy

I have had the pleasure and honour of working collaboratively with Carl in the field of foundational literacy for several years. Originally Carl contacted me to learn about my DfE-validated phonics programmes, and my approach to teacher-training, to inform his own consultancy work and expertise in advising and supporting regional schools.

Carl has equally supported me in the development of my work and suggested the need for further specific resources for teaching and learning in early years and primary education. These additional resources have enriched our provision, and enabled schools to save money by utilizing their existing phonics-based reading books (of various publishers) in sensible ways.

Based on Carl’s extensive observations in schools, he has guided me with suggestions for creating flexible training options for busy teachers in different contexts. Carl can also liaise with schools where my phonics programmes have been adopted by providing in-school continuing professional development and/or email support if requested.

Carl is refreshingly easy to work with – very straightforward – willing to learn and willing to teach as evolves. I cannot recommend his advisory work highly enough.

Debbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA

I thought this session was well thought out, building in complexity well and made excellent wider links for me to follow afterwards. I have just purchased two books off the back of this! Thanks so much.

Chantelle N, Teacher
The Sutton Academy

Carl’s support and advice in implementing a robust approach to the teaching of early reading across KS2 has been invaluable. Throughout the process, Carl has provided support and direction from the planning stages through to the implementation. Carl was thoughtful and sensitive towards our school’s individual context. Staff found his whole school training sessions insightful, engaging and hugely beneficial. These really helped to focus our whole school approach to supporting weaker readers across KS2.

Caroline Houghton, English Lead
St Peter’s Junior School Ruddington

Secondary Reading: How to Support Pupils Unable to Read.

I enjoyed this interesting webinar.

Ms S, Teaching Assistant
The Leigh Academy

Worthwhile Webinar.

A webinar that makes you really consider a vitally important area whilst also giving a significant amount of signposting for further information and resources.

Michelle C, Teacher
Centre Academy East Anglia


I found this very interesting thank you.

Sonia B, Teacher
Marsden Heights Community

Interesting piece.

I will use this alongside our catch up reading program we are developing.

Chris T, Teacher
The Royal Liberty School

Secondary reading: how to support pupils unable to read.

A very clear explanation on how children learn to read, the frustrations some may experience and how the ‘gap’ gets ever wider as they progress through school life if they do not get early help and support.

Jo B, School Staff (Non-teaching)
The James Hornsby School